Below are the steps on how to combine the barcode record counts from the DPID Allocation Wizard with the Advance Address Repair count.

1. Processed a file with ‘DPID Allocation Wizard’ –  E.g. File receives a Barcode hit rate of 78.72%.
2. When processing the Advance Address Repair Wizard – Mapped the original address fields in the 2nd screen and then hit next.
3. On the 3rd screen Twins will then asks you to map the output fields. Please mapped the DT fields from Step 1 as the output fields and then hit next.
4. On the 4th screen select the filter ‘Process records that do not have a DPID’ and hit next.

Now to combine the 2 results:
1. Go back to the ‘DPID Allocation Wizard’.
2. At the 2nd screen map the Workspace Field Names using the DT fields eg DT Address Line 1 and hit next.
3. On the 3rd screen map the output fields with the DT Fields again and hit next.
4. After doing this process your files barcode hit rate should increase E.g. From the original hit rate of 78.72% to 81.52%
5. Then open the AMAS Processing Summary Report to view the combined processed results.