As a query record is processed in Kleber Repair and PafLink Address Tune collects flags, representing the type of match. From these flags, scores are derived. These flags are outputted in the Kleber Repair AllocationFlag and PafLink FLA fields. The flags are as follows:

Flag Description
L-EXACT locality exact, including postcode, state
L-NAMEXACT locality spelling exact
L-SPELLING locality spelling correction
L-SHORT subset
L-PCODEDIFF postcode different
L-LOCDIFF locality different, based on postcode
L-STATEDIFF state is different, only allowed if postcode matches
L-PCODEMISS postcode missing
L-LOCMISS locality missing, based on postcode
L-STATEMISS state is missing
L-NOTEXACT there is an exact match, and this isn’t
L-NEAR neighbouring locality contains street
L-LOC2 locality 2, slightly less points
L-BOXSHORT PO Box and Short
S-EXACT group exact match, including postcode, state
S-NAMEXACT street spelling exact
S-FIRSTCHAR street first char compare
S-SOUNDS street first char compare
S-SPELLING street match spelling
S-SHORT street match subset
S-TYPEDIFF street type different
S-SUFFDIFF street type suffix changed
S-TYPEMISS input street type missing
S-SUFFMISS input street type suffix missing
S-NOTEXACT there is an exact match, and this isn’t
D-PDTOK postal delivery type is present
D-PDTNOTFOUND postal delivery type not present
P-NUMOK number in range
P-NUMBAD number out of range