The Kleber Repair ConfidenceScore and PafLink CON fields represents the scores, or confidence levels of the address match. It is an output field and contains four comma-separated numbers. These numbers represent score values, with lower numbers being better scores.  Zero should mean a perfect match, no address change other than standardisation of codes.

The first number is the sum of the other three fields, or total confidence points. The second number is a score for locality, state and postcode, or ‘last line’ points.

The third field is a score for the street name, street type, and street suffix. Alternatively, or in addition, it will also represent a score for a postal delivery type e.g. PO BOX. You will get a score if a locality does not have the requested postal delivery type.

The last field is the score for the house number, lot number or postal delivery number. Address Tune keeps the lowest and highest house number for the street in the PAF. When the house number in the input record is outside of the PAF range, a penalty score is given. House numbers might not be in the PAF, so not matching a house number is not in itself enough to have an address rejected, but it attracts a heavy penalty.

If no match at all can be made for a locality or street, then an ‘X’ is used instead of a score. The total will also be ‘X’.