Wondering how email spam traps are handled by the DataTools.Verify.Email.BriteVerify.VerifyEmail method in Kleber?

The email verification provider removes Typo Spam Traps (Domains such as Yaho.com, Hotmaail.com, Aool.com, etc which make up a large majority of spam traps) and Repurposed Email Domains that have been turned into spam traps. Howeverthey do not aid in the removal of primary spam traps

The email verification is conducted in real time at the point of call by checking with the email domains for whether the email is Valid, Invalid, Accept All or Unknown. It will also indicate whether an email is a Disposable/Role address.

You may also refer to this link for reference https://assist.datatools.com.au/email-verification-notes/ for the Status Codes and Descriptions.