The recommended methods for the implementation of Australian predictive address capture are:

DataTools.Capture.Address.Predictive.AuPaf.SearchAddress – Use this method to return suggestions as a user types an address.

We recommend that you start calling the search method after the 3rd letter of the street name e.g. 20 Lex. This will both bring up more relevant suggestions to the user and it will be more cost-effective because less search methods are being called.

DataTools.Capture.Address.Predictive.AuPaf.RetrieveAddress – Use this method to extract the additional address details when an address is selected from the dropdown.

(IMPORTANT: A retrieve method must always be used in conjunction with the search when successful.)

DataTools.Repair.Address.AuPaf.RepairAddress – Use this method when an address is not selected by the user or if major errors are made within input.

We suggest that if an address has not been found after 12+ search calls, stop calling the search method and allow the user to enter their address as they wish, then simply pass that full address string to the Repair method.

Overall for address entry, it would be expected that it consists of multiple SearchAddress calls in conjunction with a single RetrieveAddress or RepairAddress.

Similar methods are also available for other countries.