PHONE – DataTools.Verify.PhoneNumber.Equifax.VerifyPhoneNumberIsConnected

 The Phone validation method verifies the connection status of landline or mobile telephone number across Australia and New Zealand in real time by checking with the providers.

0 Connected: The telephone number is connected.
1 Disconnected: The telephone number is not connected.
2 Indeterminate: The telephone number returned an indeterminate status. The system could not reliably determine if the number is connected or disconnected.

NOTE: Some phone numbers can be blocked or restricted such as military or government officials etc. These will return an indeterminate status in these cases.

These are all the output fields from the Phone Method

Field Description
StatusCode Returns a code that indicates if the phone number is valid (as above)
StatusDescription A meaningful description of the error
Response Response from webservice [Option Values]
RidNumber The RID number that is applicable


If StatusCode = 0 Then


Else If StatusCode = 2

Unknown but further checking may be required

Else If StatusCode = 1