As part of the September 2020 update, we have made some substantial changes to the below methods to improve searchability and the user experience. These changes will not affect the way you interface with these methods and won’t require any software changes.

DataTools.Capture.Address.Predictive.Nzad.SearchAddress DataTools.Capture.Address.Predictive.NzPaf.SearchAddress

Note: If you are still using the two below discontinued methods that we retired in November 2016, there will be a slight change:



These NZKMS methods are now using the same NZAD data as the NZ PAF and NZAD methods.

The same parameters should be excepted, and the same output fields provided.

Most of the values for the output fields are very similar, except for the following fields where the equivalent values are not available in NZAD.

  • AltStreetName, AltStreetType& AltStreetSuffix – Fields are now always output as blank.
  • PostalSuburb, PostalTown & PostalPostcode- Fields are now always the same as Suburb, TownCityMailtown & Postcode
  • MB06 – Now NZAD Mechblockwhich looks the same
  • TA – Now NZAD TA Name
  • Region – Now  TA Name instead
  • Latitude & Longtitude- Now WGS84 Latitude & Longtitude
  • AreaUnit& WardDescription – Now Regional Council Name instead
  • UrbanRural- Address Type