The ‘Dt Data Changes’ field contains three letter field codes of those fields that address matching has changes from source data to result data. For example, if the street name was mis-spelt and had been changed, the code THN would appear in the ‘Dt Data Changes’ field.

Only certain parts of the result data are checked for changes. These are:


Data Changes Codes Australian New Zealand
PCD Postcode
LOC Locality
SUB Suburb/Lobby/RD0
STT State
CTY Town/City/Mailtown
THN Street name
THT Street type eg. ST, RD
TTS Street type suffix eg. N, S, E, W
TN1 Street Number 1
TN1 Street Number 2
PDT Postal delivery type eg. PO Box
PDP Post Box Number Prefix
PDS Post Box Number Suffix
BOR Matched to alternative locality
ATN Matched to alternative street name
FUT Flat/Unit Type
GID Match that could only be made to the group or street level and issued a group DID
LID Match that could only be made to the locality level and issued a group DID